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Elena Hynes 



  • Sales Development Representative (higher education software, data orchestration software, and retail) 

  • Worked to modify processes and procedures to create a streamlined approach for the company.

  • Partnered with leadership and account executives to identify challenges within our sales approach. Created documentation and training that helped current and future sales team members to increase leads and ultimately sales.

Subject Matter Expertise

Communications, Public Relations


University of Hartford - Bachelor of Arts and Sciences 

Interest & Hobbies

Coaching high school and club.

Spending time with my family.

Helping young athletes cope with injuries.

Fun Fact

I played lacrosse in college

What/Who Inspires Me

Rhonda Rousey: She is such a strong powerful woman who persevered through adversity in her childhood and into her adult life and came out on top as a phenomenal athlete and person.

What I most enjoy about working for ATS 

I am excited to have such an incredible opportunity to build long-standing relationships with clients as well as work with talented individuals who I can learn and grow from. ​

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