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Claudie Sarrazin



I have worked as an HRIS, Payroll, and Benefits administrator for over 15 years before joining UKG where I worked for 5 years as a Solution Consultant and Data Service Consultant.  I joined the ATS team in January 2023 where I now help customers with their database conversion.  

Subject Matter Expertise

I am an expert in the functional implementation of the UKG Pro solution as well as its technical intricacies.   Throughout my career, I have worked in various industries administrating HRIS, payroll, and benefits for international companies, my understanding of the system's functionalities enables me to cater to the diverse realities and unique requirements of users seamlessly.  I love puzzles, problem-solving, and coming up with innovative solutions especially when it comes to helping customers with their database conversion.  

Interest & Hobbies

Yoga, reading, good food, good wine, and life-long learning.  Combining these elements creates a well-rounded and fulfilling lifestyle. The mindfulness of yoga, the intellectual stimulation of reading, the pleasures of good food and wine, and the pursuit of lifelong learning all contribute to a life lived with appreciation and zest of fun.

Fun Fact

Being the mother of four young boys is a unique and exciting aspect of my life! They keep me active! Whether it's playing sports, going on outdoor adventures, or simply keeping up with their boundless energy!

What I most enjoy about working for ATS 

On top of doing a job I love, I get to work with amazing coworkers, the ATS team is truly a gem.  Their dedication, camaraderie, and expertise make each day at work a delight.   Together, we form a harmonious and supportive unit, fostering a positive work environment where ideas flow freely and collaboration thrives. The passion and commitment displayed by my ATS colleagues inspire me to continually grow and excel in my role. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a remarkable team that not only excels professionally but also enriches the workplace with warmth and friendship.

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