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Chris Moran 



I have worked on some cool UKG (formerly Ultimate Software) accounts

like Google, Community Health Systems, and Unilever (where I met Lou).].  I even

‘posed’ as an Ultimate Software employee for Tier 2 support along the way (long story).

Subject Matter Expertise

Expert? UKG Pro, I would consider myself proficient in core configurations including General Ledger, Imports, Exports, Integrations, as well as BI report/alert development, and SQL Server.


Information Systems Management from Lipscomb University

Interest & Hobbies

Being the best Husband, father, and grandfather, that I can be.

Fun Fact

Seven sisters, and three brothers, lived in Iceland (while in the navy)

What/Who Inspires Me 

Primarily my wife and children. They are my immediate purpose beyond loving my God with all my heart, soul, and mind.

What I most enjoy about working for ATS 

Seeing what kind of crazy things Lou has in store.

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