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Shanice Gordon

Solution Consultant | US


I have worked in the government, education, healthcare, retail, technology, agricultural, and manufacturing sectors.

Subject Matter Expertise

I have led US & Global HCM implementations, and initiatives in customer success, training, and user adoption.

Interest is & Hobbies

Reading, Journaling, Candle Making, Event Planning & watching True Crime Documentaries.

Fun Fact

I'm a foodie. I enjoy visiting new restaurants, cooking, baking, and curating cocktails to match my meal or dessert.


Lexi B., former Chief of Staff at Twitter inspires me. She has created a platform to give women of color in technology an environment for growth and mentorship. “Your accomplishments that bring you deep joy are your passions. Do the introspection, identify those projects, and start building your career with that perspective". Pat Cabello (Head of HR at REVOLT Media) guest on Lexi B. LinkedIn coffee chat.

What I enjoy about working at ATS

Learning from my colleagues, clients, and mentors shaping me to be the best consultant I can be.

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