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Jennifer Schnarr

Senior Project Manager | Canada


I have worked in the energy, utility, staffing, healthcare, transportation, and financial sectors.

Subject Matter Expertise

Led initiatives in program/project management, customer experience, mergers & acquisitions, change management, and business development.

Interest is & Hobbies

Travelling, Paddleboarding, Adventure Racing

Fun Fact

I always have a bucket list trip in the works! I’ve traveled to 26 countries and counting.


Jesse Itzler is a big source of motivation and inspiration for me because he exemplifies the perfect blend of success in both his personal and professional life, all the while radiating a caring and compassionate demeanor. His ability to achieve impressive accomplishments in various fields, from entrepreneurship to endurance challenges, showcases his unwavering drive and determination. Jesse's witty sense of humor adds a refreshing dimension to his motivational approach, making his messages relatable and engaging. A true inspiration!

What I enjoy about working at ATS

What I enjoy most about working for ATS is the camaraderie among a team of exceptional colleagues, guided by a leader who truly understands the needs and aspirations of his team. The supportive and collaborative environment allows us to work together seamlessly, driving us toward achieving our shared goals internally and with our client base.

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