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Etienne Caron-Poisson

Senior Solutions Consultant


I have implemented clients in various industries, most recently in the: Healthcare, Petroleum, Golf, Retail, and Aviation industry.

Subject Matter Expertise

I understand the client’s perspective, actively listening to their needs/wants and being able to use my past experiences to present a tool/solution that will give them added value to their implementation project. Having worked alongside many different clients has allowed me to develop my analytic skills when presented with complex methodologies and/or problems.

Interest is & Hobbies

Music, Sports, Video Games, Board Games.

Fun Fact

I once DJ’d the opening act for an artist of international stardom.


My parents/grandparents. I’m proud to say that I’m the product of a family that raised me with love and compassion. They worked hard all their life, never complained, or let a bad situation get them down, and were always generous with their peers. I’m proud to say that the values they instilled in me are part of both my personal and professional approach to life.

What I enjoy about working at ATS

Every day I’m blessed to come to work alongside colleagues I consider friends. The fact that I’m surrounded by so many knowledgeable people that never hesitate to assist in a time of need.

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